The Podcast

Mixed Kid Chronicles is a podcast about those who check the “other” box. New episodes air every other week alternating between solo musings from me, your host Katie, and conversation with friends.

Growing up, I cringed whenever I got to the section titled Race & Ethnicity on questionnaires. As someone who identifies as mixed race, I struggled through a list of what turned from ok (if inaccurate) to bad options. More often than not, I settled on “other,” but this term just didn’t seem to cut it. Today, the neat, but equally ambiguous term “two or more races” has appeared on these lists. I continue cringing.

Throughout informal conversations I’ve shared with mixed race friends and acquaintances, our experiences and stories have mirrored another and strongly resonated. There is a need for a broader conversation on this topic. 

Life is complicated enough without answering to others about your identity (I know you've been asked "What are you?" more times than the Kardashian sisters have appropriated culture). So join me as I explore identity, race, and popular culture on the Mixed Kid Chronicles.

Are you or someone you know mixed race or biracial? Do you/he/she want to be interviewed? Fill out my Google form to share potential interviewees.

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Your Host, Katie

With a white father and black mother, I grew up thinking I was white until it finally hit me: I lived between multiple worlds.

This explained the stark contrast in holidays spent with my father and mother’s families. Most importantly, it explained why I could never (and probably would never) tame my hair.

I’ll be exploring exactly where all my mixedness comes from in this podcast, while sharing stories from friends and talking about pop culture issues that affect us children of mixed races. So get ready for mixed race babies (they are not going to save the world), the etiquette of getting to the bottom of someone’s heritage, and yes, hair.

I currently call the Bay Area home and hope to die here, even if my body is buried in a Google shuttle.

I check "two or more races" when confronted with that questionnaire. 

You can contact me at mixedkidchronicles@gmail.com